Jina Bolton is a designer, developer, and artist living in San Francisco. She enjoys creating beautiful user experiences. Jina currently works at Salesforce, originally as a Product Designer for two years with Do, and now as a Senior Product Designer with the core UX team. Previously, she has worked at rad companies including including Apple, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely. She also coauthored two books, Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art, and is slowly working on receiving her Master of Fine Arts from Academy of Art University.

Jina loves Sass. She leads Team Sass Design, an open source task force that redesigned the Sass brand and website. She organizes the San Francisco Sass meet up, The Mixin. She was a Technical Editor for the book, Sass for Web Designers, by Dan Cederholm (A Book Apart). She is helping Susy Next, the upcoming version of the Susy Responsive Grid system for Sass and Compass. She also created the official Sass port of the responsive design framework, 320 and Up.

Jina likes interior design, dark and vintage fashion, traveling, fancy food, whisky, wine, Batman, and cats. Her side project, Art in My Coffee, is a curated gallery of coffee art.

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